ben huckerby design


Headfirst, Alwoodley
'I just want to say a massive thank you. The interior design is amazing and it's the smartest and most inviting salon I've ever been in. It's a touch of Milan versus Mayfair in Alwoodley, it's exactly what I wanted. You can rely on my personal recommendation for you and your company and I know that my salon will be an excellent testimonial to you.'

Charlotte Cox, London
'A mix of sheer sophistication and luxurious indulgence, Ben bought light, room and character to a previously anonymous house and has permanently transformed my views of interior design. I would now always give him a call before daring to even think about re-decorating.'

Max and Helen Reid, Barnsley
'When someone has provided you with such a good service, you just want to tell people don’t you? The difference that Ben made to our project was quite amazing! He looked over the plans and very quickly found the solution. Up until that moment, we had not fully appreciated the value of using an interior designer from the outset of the project. However, we have discovered that Ben is far more than colour schemes and soft furnishings and he has proved to be invaluable from the planning stage as he somehow seems to be able to span the gap between architect and final product.'

Nigel Pierce, Leeds
To be perfectly honest I wasn't sure when my wife suggested we invest in the 'expert' services of an interior designer but I have to say, I wouldn't look back. Alleviating the stress, and somehow the mayhem, out of renovating and re-decorating, there is just no way I could have come up with a result that is perfect all round – we are over the moon with the work done by Ben and the team.'

Jane Parkin, Sheffield
'I regret ever thinking that interior designers spent all day choosing pretty fabrics and wallpaper, which I could do myself. Ben's eye for detail and the attention he pays to the smallest things are the reason his projects are all so spectacular.'