Style Rich but Space Poor

Living in a city centre apartment myself I know what it’s like to envisage big beautiful rooms with stunning décor and fabulous furniture, en suites in every room, secluded storage space to hide certain bits and pieces when we have visitors and a kitchen big enough to bake for a dozen.

But then I remind myself that even large home owners crave extra space and that making the most of what we’ve got is key in maintaining practicality whilst also showcasing style.

Every inch counts
A little planning and an array of affordable, easy to install, products can make the world of difference. Creating more space is one of the most difficult interior challenges, both practically and visually, but it is possible to give the illusion of more space without necessarily knocking down a wall and introducing the notion of mayhem into your household.

Knowing what you want to achieve
Before embarking on any kind of interior project, you need to be clear on what you expect to achieve from it so you can measure its success. It may be possible to double the functionality of a living area by making it into two, for example a home office in the living area.

The mood and the ambience of the room ought to be determined from the outset too as this will affect your choice of colour and furniture.

Being creative with colour
The colour you decide on can make or break the spacious feel of a room. By using neutral shades and clean lines you can create the feel of more space. One tip is to keep paintwork and walls light and introduce one or two feature walls; these might only be a shade or two lighter than the main colour but will add interest. High gloss paint finishes reflect light and texture will add depth and interest, whether it be through wallpaper or wall tiles.

The ultimate wow factor can be achieved through the use of brightly coloured accessories and art work. This is essential to establish and maintain the individuality from one city centre flat to another as they can too easily look very similar.

Space saving storage
No one ever has enough storage. But particularly in small apartments, keeping your clutter out of the way is a must. If you have the budget, bespoke cabinetry can be tailored to your exact dimensions but if not the most important thing is keeping your mess hidden so as not to diminish the effect of your stylish interior.

Wardrobes with skinny hanging are ideal for second bedrooms, kitchen units should be taken full height to the ceilings and elongated doors will make your ceiling appear higher. Space dividers are another god send – screens are very popular at the moment and there is a huge selection on the high street. Curtaining or voiles can be added to create a glamorous statement but they must tie in with your window dressings. Sideboards and sofa units can also give the impression of room division.

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